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Simple and Plain Solid Line Mug Cup Drink Tea Water Coffee 380ml

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Durable & Functional : Which is made of a high-quality lead-free, non-toxic ceramic. Its strong heat resistance can keep the mug last long. The cup is thicker and keeps the temperature of the hot drink. Safety to brew hot water or tea, also for cold drink~

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Teapot with Handle style ~

  • The beginning of injecting water from the teapot,the aroma of the tea is emitted
  • Holding the side handle of the teapot with one hand, regardless of the curve of the handle,
  • It is the expectation of the tea drinker.
  • Two colors - Black and White.


Mug Cup just here ~

  • Mug is a commonly used furniture cup, generally used for milk, coffee, tea hot drinks.
  • It is made with ceramic that has been grilled at a high temperature.
  • Two colors - Black shows stability / White symbolizes dignity.


Tea Cup Tiny and Small ~

  • The teacup is a container for tea. The water comes from the teapot and is brought into the teacup, which is then served to the guests.
  • The cup is round, smooth and delicate. seemingly ordinary, but delicate everywhere.
  • 4 Colors for choice - Black, White, Cyan and mix


Simple and Plain Solid Color Mug -

Suits for those people who prefer minimalist , two colors have different symbols, black for dignity and white for elegance.


Introduction of mug cup >>>

  • Color: Black &White
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimension: 8. 5cm x 12. 5cm x 12cm
  • Weight: 337g
  • Capacity: 380ml


The Origin of mug cup >>>

  • The English word of the mug is MUG, which means the cup with handle. The transliteration of MUG is the true origin of the mug. When it comes to coffee culture, many people now think of Starbucks, especially the city mug of Starbucks. Urban characteristics are combined in such a small cup, such a city mug can only be bought in the city. With Starbucks stationed in Xi'an, Xi'an also has its own city mug.
  • The enlargement of communication brings us the most beautiful enjoyment from the adjustment of the diet structure. Modern, we are not only used to accompanying tea, but more often with coffee, coffee, this kind of drink that gives people "power and enthusiasm", I believe anyone who knows it will take out his deep cup and deep mug to drink it, but how much do you know about its origin?
  • Mug is a kind of homemade cup, generally used for milk, coffee, tea hot drinks. Some countries in the West also have the habit of drinking soup in the mug at work breaks. The cup is generally of a standard cylindrical shape with a handle on one side of the cup. The shape of the handle is usually a half ring. Usually made of pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic. There are also a few mugs made of natural stone, which are generally more expensive.
  • The mug are rich in shape and diverse in color. Under the premise of achieving the basic purpose of the beverage ware, the mug body can be designed into different shapes such as animals, plants, animated charaters, etc. The handle also has a large ring, a small ring, and even a split ring. Household commonly used mugs can generally hold liquids ranging from 150ml to 350ml. There are also a few large beer mugs that can hold about 500ml of liquid.
  • In addition to the larger size of the mug and the Chinese teacup, the cup is also thicker to maintain the temperature of the hot drink. For ease of use, most porcelain mugs are designed to be used directly in microwave ovens and in dishwashers, but there are a few special cases that need to be used and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The mug represents the pragmatic attitude of life of the Westerners, but from the mug we drank the scent from the African court of Europe, exuding the beauty of the medieval retro of the Europa continent.


The Feature of Ceramic Mug >>>

  • The material is environmentally friendly and does not waste resources, it is made of mud which will not waste our living resources and will not pollute the environment.
  • Safe and healthy. It is made of high-quality porcelain clay in a high temperature environment. It does not contain organic chemicals and is very safe and healthy.
  • Preservative. Ceramics can withstand acid, alkali and salt corrosion. They can contain acid and alkali salts and can be used as coffeen cups.
  • Due to the low thermal conductivity of porcelain clay, it has a certain thermal insulation effect.
  • Because the inner surface of the ceramic cup is smooth, it is easy to decontaminate:it does not contain organic chemicals and is not easy to breed bacteria.
  • Easy to clean. Rinse with water, especially tea stains, scrub with fine sand and water, or use toothpaste or salt to clean or citrus peel.


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Style Simple Plain
Material Ceramics
Dimension 12.5cm x 12cm
Item Weight 337g
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