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Cereals Rooibos Herbals Tea Bags Loose Leaf Cereals Breakfast Tea Caffeine Free

Organic Slimming tea

Organic Slimming tea

Organic Herbal No1 Tea

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Nature Herbals Tea Lung cleanse and help you breathe smoothly

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Organic Herbal Tea Powder for Lung Cleanse ~

In life now, the environment is affected by bacteria and pollution. As a result, the function of the human lungs is reduced, and the dirt in the lungs is deposited. This will also affect our quality of life.

Authentic herbal health tea, absolutely Pure Natural Green Food without addition.

The supplier are verified company by China government and also have US FDA CE approved

Efficacy  >>>
Nowadays, people who smoke , which caused their lung was badly ,like cough and have sputum. Our Herbal Tea No. 1 can resolve such problems. If you experience fatigue, dry cough, or breathing difficulties. You can drink herbal tea, it will relieve this symptom very wellIt can clear lungs and increase your lung capacity, also make you breathe smoothly.

Features >>>

  • Ingredient with expensive herbs: Platycodon grandiflorum, Pueraria lobata, honeysuckle, fresh reed root, bitter almond, orange peel, polygonatum, mulberry leaves, etc
  • Benefits: Expectorant, Lung Cleanse, Effects of increased lung capacity
  • Absolute Natural Supplements - With function of Energy Booster that can relax yourselves, to keep you in a good condition with your health.
  • Brewing method: Take out the tea bag, brew it with 250 ml of boiling water, and take it after soaking for 5 minutes. Usually, 1 sachets in the morning and afternoon to drink,there will be obvious results after five days. (addition and subtraction may depend on the situation)

  • If you want to be better, we recommended to drink 20 packs.
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                                      Yan Hou Tang promise to give you safe and effective protection ~

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