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Organic Chinese Lapsang Souchong Black Tea WuYi Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Loose Leaf

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Chinese famous Black tea - Long open tea leaves with jet black color; mild, smooth yet smoky taste

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Lapsang Souchong Black Tea  ~

Is the mountain seed organic black tea soup color red, taste sweet, with a natural sweet taste and unique pine smoke incense. Because of its production in the virgin forest, wild collection, the traditional process of production, tea has a unique health effects, long-term health care and health care, a British old tea division said: "drink this tea is better than drink people soup." British 17th century famous poet Byron in his famous "Don Juan" (long poem) affectionately wrote: I think the heart has become so full of sympathy / I must go to Wuyi black tea (BOHEA) / can The wine is so harmful / because tea and coffee make us more serious! Because of its unique quality, make it a world - like black tea LAPSANG SOUCHONG.

Tea benefits ~

Antiaging、Whitening、Beauty、Weight loss and other effects,"She" That's great taste and aroma especially suitable for women to drink

Long-term consumption,Weight loss、Anticancer、Prevention of tooth decay、Prevention of hypertension、Improve the acidic、Improve skin allergy,In particular to avoid the body to absorb too much fat,To live his life more healthy、younger。

China Tea Tips ~

  • According to legend, Ming Longqing two years, AD 1568, due to the current situation of unrest, and Paulownia is outside the minions into the throat of Fujian, so when there are military invasion. Once, an army from Jiangxi into Fujian transit Paulownia, accounting in tea factory, tea farmers to escape the war fled to the mountains. During the shelter, the tea system to be dried can not be dried in time with charcoal, and overgrowth has produced a red change. Subsequently, the tea farmers to restore the loss, to take the flammable pine heating drying, the formation of both concentrated alcohol rosin flavor, there are longan dry taste of tea varieties, which is the history of the earliest black tea, also known as " black tea".

Hot soak mode ~

  • 7-8g tea into the teapot or 1.5 servings,95~ 100 ℃ hot water,100~ 150cc brew
  • Rinse the first bubble,Let the tea leaves or roll their own stirring,3Pour about seconds
  • Soaking time:Where appropriate, adjusted according to personal tastes like;Can be repeated brewing 7-10 times or more,Until tasteless
    tea:30second,After each bubble increments 5 seconds
    Soft-boiled:15second,After each bubble increments 5 seconds
    All Mature / Old tea:10~ 12 seconds,After each bubble increments 5 seconds
  • storage method:Cool dry、Avoid sun exposure、Prevent moisture

Cold soak mode

  • Bottle of mineral water (or filtered water) at least eight to nine points
  • Add tea,Tea amount covered bottom
  • For the next drink,Night in the refrigerator,The next morning you can drink
  • For the day drinking,Please soak for at least 40 minutes after drinking
  • After drinking can also brew once again

note:Making sure to use cold water or ice water




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Tea Species Black Tea
Ferment Level Half Ferment
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