Lemon Balm Tea Loose Leaf

Lemon Balm Tea Loose Leaf

Organic Chinese Jasmine Green Tea Dragon Pearls Blooming Flower

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Jasmine Green Tea - The taste of green tea with its sweet flavor, provided by jasmine leaves, refreshes, and lifts you up. A fine, tender aroma makes this drink a sophisticated delicacy.

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The Chinese Tea Plant

This Dragon Ball Jasmine Tea is harvested from Guangnan, China and it has special flavor and clean finish. Ecologically Grown, Hand-picked, Green Food Tea Loose Leaf.

Sourcing and Quality Control

Yan Hou Tang is very strict to tea products quality control, make sure the safety and quality of our teas, in order to bring the healthy, natural, tasty and high quality Chinese Tea to our customers.

Fragrance of Dragon Ball Jasmine Tea

Our premium chinese loose leaf tea can be brewed both hot and cold. Feel free to brew yourself utterly refreshing jar of Iced Tea. The aroma of the Jasmine tea is pure and long-lasting, and the fragrance is natural.







Organic Jasmine Green Tea  ~

In the absence of any pollution origin,Totally not use any synthetic fertilizers、pesticide、Plant Growth Regulator、Chemical food additives and other substances,According to organic agricultural production systems and methods to produce fresh leaves of raw materials,And in the processing、package、Storage and transportation process without any chemical pollution,And consistent with international through organic (natural) food certification organization certification of tea products and re-processing products referred to“Organic Tea”


Organic Flower Tea efficacy ~

Tea highest content of alkaloids - caffeine,Stimulants,Can quickly clear the mind and thinking activities,Eliminate drowsiness,Eliminate muscle fatigue,Having to make feel more keen to improve motor skills and roles。And when after the inhibition of the central nervous excitement will turn,So if insomnia,Can get up early tea,After the highly excited nervous system into highly suppressed,If the access to all the day to stimulate the diet,Relieve insomnia night,For several days you can play significant effect。




Yan Hou Tang to control quality ~

  • Harmless natural product - All tea produced and consumed goods,Taiwan government departments have been regular inspection,Strict control of the Food Safety,Let rest assured sales charges

  • This non-toxic product testing by SGS, ISO 22000、HACCP、ISO 9001International food safety and quality management system verification.



 Hot brewing ~


Kung Fu Soak method:

  1. Optional Yi Xing tea、White porcelain tea set、Glass or ceramic tea tea
  2. Tea water temperature in the 95 ~ 100 ℃
  3. The bag of tea into a teapot,Add water, brew,Brewing time 30 to 60 seconds
  4. Remove the liner,Or injected into the tea fair cup of tea so that uniform concentration



  • Please fine chemicals slow drink tasting,You can brew a tea 3-5 times。
  • storage method:Make sure the seal after opening,And placed in a cool dry place


Cold brewing ~


Hot bubble mode:

  • A teabag,Add 250 ~ 300 c.c,95~ 100 ℃ hot water,
  • Soaking time:10Seconds to taste,,Recommended soaking time of 20 to 30 seconds

Cold soak mode:

  • In hot bubble foundation,First soak up the flavor of tea;Or cold brew for about 20 minutes
  • Adding an equal amount of ice,Now you can drink



  • Accent your sugar、milk,Fruit can also be used、Fresh cream decoration
  • Where appropriate, adjusted according to personal tastes like;Brew can be repeated 3 to 4 times or more,Until tasteless
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Tea Species Flower Tea, Green Tea
Ferment Level Low Ferment
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