Organic Sencha Green Tea Japanese Loose Leaf Premium Tea King Natural

Organic Sencha Green Tea Japanese Loose Leaf Premium Tea King Natural

Organic Chinese Green Tea Bags Simple

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The materials of tea from Chinese High Mountain - That is help the body to reduce fat absorption,Releasing toxins,Drink more healthy;Long-term use can achieve weight loss

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Chinese tea unique ~ Chinese high mountain tea refers to an altitude of 500 meters above the tea produced tea made dome.

Existing mountain tea garden is the original bamboo forest land reclaimed from, Many years of accumulation of organic matter in such a strong grip, Can provide sufficient nutrients, The best place to plant tea.


Tea benefits ~

Detox、Drain、Refresh、sober up、Calm the nerves、Send fire, The effect is obvious

Long-term consumption, Weight loss、Anticancer、Prevention of tooth decay、Prevention of hypertension、Improve the acidic、Improve skin allergy, In particular to avoid the body to absorb too much fat, To live his life more healthy、younger.


Chinese Tea Tips ~

  • Chinese origin unique growing conditions - Chinese's unique alpine terrain planting, Containing soil、seed、Growth, No other region can be substituted
  • Harmless natural product - All tea produced and consumed goods, Chinese government departments have been regular inspection, Strict control of the Food Safety, Let rest assured sales charges


Hot bubble mode ~

  • 7-8g tea into the teapot or 1.5 servings, 95~ 100 ℃ hot water, 100~ 150cc brew
  • Rinse the first bubble, Let the tea leaves or roll their own stirring, 3Pour about seconds
  • Soaking time:Where appropriate, adjusted according to personal tastes like;Can be repeated brewing 7-10 times or more, Until tasteless
    tea:30second, After each bubble increments 5 seconds
    Soft-boiled:15second, After each bubble increments 5 seconds
    All Mature / Old tea:10~ 12 seconds, After each bubble increments 5 seconds
  • storage method:Cool dry、Avoid sun exposure、Prevent moisture 


Cold soak mode ~

  • Bottle of mineral water (or filtered water) at least eight to nine points
  • Add tea, Tea amount covered bottom
  • For the next drink, Night in the refrigerator, The next morning you can drink
  • For the day drinking, Please soak for at least 40 minutes after drinking
  • After drinking can also brew once again
note:Making sure to use cold water or ice water
More Information
Tea Species Green Tea, Oolong Tea
Ferment Level Low Ferment
Amazon ASIN B075M6FGT2 6970648662868 (20 counts) / 6970648662882 (100 counts)
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