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Rose & Orchid Black Flower Tea Bags

Jasmine Green Tea Bags Fragrant Flavor Flower

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Full of material and Convenience resistant foam ~ Kaoru four natural jasmineCombined with top jasmine green tea smoked. Jasmine incense natural distribution, Warm sense of tea, Entrance glycol rich, Only know personally tasting tea enjoyment.

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Jasmine tea is one kind of tea belonging to the class and re-processing of tea, Also known as the Jasmine Tea ~

The Tea is made in Taiwan, meets the highest verified standards of Environmental Performance. Also verified by the US FDA and detected by SGS. The International Brand of Yan Hou Tang has registered over 30 countries.

  1. Yan Hou Tang - Taiwan Classic Organic Herbal Teabag is one of the best high-end herbal teas in Taiwan. Its heavy aroma and leaves have a scorched flavor, absolutely Natural Green Food without addition. Absolute Natural Supplements - With function of Energy Booster that can relax yourselves, to keep you in a good condition with your health.
  2. Our herbal tea bags have a variety of species - Jasmine tea bags, green tea bags, oolong tea bags, black tea bags, white tea bags, you can enjoy the freshness of different flavors.
    Drinking tea is good for keepping fit, losing weight and living.
  3. Our herbal teabags have a variety of tastes. The tea leaves are freshly picked, fried at high temperature, without addition, and are natural ingredients. Black tea has the effects of beautifying the skin, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and losing weight.Drinking more tea is good for physical and mental health.
  4. A cup of tea a day keeps your body in good shape. A healthy life starts with a cup of tea every day.


Premium Quality Tea

The jasmine green tea bags of Yan Hou Tang are made in Taiwan, meets the highest verified standards of Environmental Performance. Also verified by the US FDA and detected by SGS.

Fragrant Jasmine Tea

The jasmine green tea bags - Pure green tea expertly blended and infused with real jasmine flowers to deliver a fragrant tea with a unique floral aroma and taste.

Enjoy Jasmine Tea

Simple triangle bag design, convenient for brewing, can be used as afternoon tea with eating dessert together that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for the day.


Production of materials for the tea and jasmine,So they can both two flavor.

Scenting tea in the famous,Added jasmine tea flowers scenting,Named.Jasmine tea is one of the many varieties of tea,Jasmine tea is to use so-called budding jasmine flowers are added to green tea scenting.



Jasmine fragrant green tea effect ~

"Chinese Dictionary" records:Jasmine of Qi Gloomy、Provision of foul and the "effect,And dysentery、stomach ache、Conjunctivitis and sore and so has a good anti-inflammatory effect of detoxification.Often drink jasmine,Liver eyesight、Thirst、Expectorant anti-malaria、Through convenient water、Qufeng solution table、Fistula treatment、Caine teeth、Qi Li、hypotensive、Cardiac、Anti-caries radiation damage、Anticancer、Anti-aging effect,People live longer、Mental Health.



Yan Hou Tang to control quality ~

  • Harmless natural product - All tea produced and consumed goods,Taiwan government departments have been regular inspection,Strict control of the Food Safety,Let rest assured sales charges

  • This non-toxic product testing by SGS, ISO 22000、HACCP、ISO 9001International food safety and quality management system verification.


Hot brewing ~


Kung Fu Soak method:

  1. Optional Yi Xing tea、White porcelain tea set、Glass or ceramic tea tea.
  2. Tea water temperature in the 95 ~ 100 ℃
  3. The bag of tea into a teapot,Add water, brew,Brewing time 30 to 60 seconds.
  4. Remove the liner,Or injected into the tea fair cup of tea so that uniform concentration.



  • Please fine chemicals slow drink tasting,You can brew a tea 3-5 times.
  • storage method:Make sure the seal after opening,And placed in a cool dry place


Cold brewing ~

Hot bubble mode:

  • A teabag,Add 250 ~ 300 c.c,95~ 100 ℃ hot water,
  • Soaking time:10Seconds to taste,,Recommended soaking time of 20 to 30 seconds

Cold soak mode:

  • In hot bubble foundation,First soak up the flavor of tea;Or cold brew for about 20 minutes
  • Adding an equal amount of ice,Now you can drink



  • Accent your sugar、milk,Fruit can also be used、Fresh cream decoration
  • Where appropriate, adjusted according to personal tastes like;Brew can be repeated 3 to 4 times or more,Until tasteless
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Tea Species Green Tea
Ferment Level Low Ferment
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