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  • Transparent Glass Gaiwan 150ML Transparent Glass Gaiwan 150ML
  • Transparent Glass Gaiwan 150ML Transparent Glass Gaiwan 150ML
  • Transparent Glass Gaiwan 150ML Transparent Glass Gaiwan 150ML

150ML 5OzChinese Traditional Glass Tea Bowl Cup Saucer and Lid for drink tea coffee

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Quick Overview

The design of Glass Gaiwan has a bowl cover on the top and a tray under the bottom - Yan Hou Tang believes that you deserve to treat yourself and your loved ones to fine coffee and tea made through a meticulous however uncomplicated method.

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Regular Price: $14.99

Special Price $8.59

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Transparent Glass Teaset of Gaiwan 150ml 5Oz

Gaiwan is an essential tea set for tea drinkers, people who likes to drink tea has Gaiwan. Yan Hou Tang wish you to feel a complete tea or coffee experience-from preparation to actual serving and sipping.

Feature of Transparent Glass Cup >>>

  • Color: Transparent

  • Material: Glass

  • Capacity: 150ml

  • Measurement: 9 x 10cm

  • Design:A cover on the top and a tray under the bottom.

Description of Glass Gaiwan >>>

  • With a tea tray under the cover, the tea tray is easy to hold. This is a kind of bowl with lid, lid and support. It is the most common iconic bowl tea set in modern teahouses. The bowl is covered by two bowls and lids. In recent years, the tea culture retro trend.
  • The bowl used to brew tea has been used for brewing tea and Tieguanyin in the past. There is no limit. When used, it can be used for tea or drink, or as a teacup for tea.
  • Covered with tea bowls, bowls, lids, boats, unique shapes, and exquisite craftsmanship. The tea bowl is large and small, the lid can be placed in the bowl, and the tea boat is supported by the bottom. When drinking tea, the cover is not easy to slip off, and there is a tea boat for the care of the hands. And you only need to carry the tea boat to stabilize the center of gravity.
  • You don't have to uncover it when you drink tea. You only need half a half and a half. The tea leaves are not imported, and the tea soup can be slowly pulled out. The tea cover of the bowl of tea is placed in the bowl. If the tea is thicker, use a tea cover to gently scrape the surface of the water, so that the whole bowl of tea is turned over under the water. The light scraping is light, and the heavy scraping is thick, which is wonderful.

How to use Gaiwan to make more fragrant and refreshing tea >>>

When using the glass cover bowl, the water injection should not be too much, it can be seven points, otherwise it will appear hot.

  1. When picking up the bowl, make the thumb, forefinger and middle finger as far as possible in a straight line, and keep the bowl stable. This will also prevent hot hands.
  2. When pouring tea, cover the bowl and let the tea soup slowly flow out, the water must be Keep the direction of the index finger so that you can avoid scalding your thumb. After the tea soup is poured out, you should tap twice. This will ensure that the tea soup is completely poured out, and you can avoid the bitterness of the next tea soup.

  3. Washing cups, falling tea, brewing tea, scraping, soup, tea, tea, tea

Advantages of Using Glass Cup >>>

  • Wide range of uses: Suitable for all cooking heat sources, storage equipment and cleaning tools in the kitchen, such as gas stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, infrared ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, etc. (except induction cookers).
  • Health, environmental protection, safety: Glass is a healthier, greener, safer cooking utensil that does not chemically change with food.
  • Strong corrosion resistance: The glass surface is smooth and free of pores, leaving no stains and food colors. Strong anti-wear, no scratches, long-term use is still crystal clear, bright and moving, is a healthier utensil.
  • Lasting as new: food odor never remains, no matter how to preserve any food with a strong taste, there will be no odor. The product is as long as new, once and for all.

Additional Information

Name 150ML 5OzChinese Traditional Glass Tea Bowl Cup Saucer and Lid for drink tea coffee
Style Transparent Glass
Material Glass
Color Transparent
Dimension 8.9cm x 10cm
Item Weight 191.0000
UPC Code 6970648661144
Amazon ASIN No
Country of Manufacture

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